Libra Taurus and Aquarius Tarot Readings For August 2018

Let me know how everything turns out for you!

Here are the readings for Aquarius, Taurus and Libra.

I’ll say this – alot of witchcraft going on next month, a whole lotta witchcraft! Also it’s mercury retrograde (which will start on July 26) so get ready…




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Ascending Into A Light Being

What you see here is a Light Being taking on the form of the merkaba which you can read more about here:

I feel sooo ebullient (Here is my favourite meditation song):

That said, here is what happened:

I had this crazy dream this morning where I had excess extensions in my hair that didn’t make sense being there. Some of em were red and blue colored and weren’t even dreaded. The final straw were plastic and blue fake extensions. I got rid of those and came back to my natural hair and when I saw myself in the mirror my hair was blonde and my eyes were white – they were glowing. It was so weird… I looked like a child, biracial (white and black) – very young. It’s like I became a literal Light Spirit. All around me was light...

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Happy Summer Solstice 2018 Witches And Spiritualists

I was about to say bitches but had to hold back…

Man this reminds me of my old childhood memory of the Christmas commercial that would play (it’s warming my heart just thinking about it):

I can’t find the commercial (it was for an energy company) BUT THIS ONE HERE… JUST WOW, I MEAN, THE MEMORIES… MY HEART’S GONNA EXPLODE (The scenery was an inspiration for my paintings):

– No wonder I love beer; just playing 🙂

Anyways… Probably the SIMPLEST post I will post:

Here a SUPER FAKE smile, lol!

– Though my teeth ain’t perfectly, they look pearly white don’t they? That is my true SPIRIT showing which transforms your looks (Your looking at the true person’s soul in other words…)

Happy Moon Summer Solstice 2018

“Live Life On Your Terms”

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Wisdom of the Day: TRULY Be Yourself

Never change who you are to sate other people. There is no point to living if you ain’t happy with YOU!

* Tip for witches, spiritualists! When you stay TRUE to yourself, your spells, intentions work better. See, you must be connected to your Higher Divine Self. When you are, things will work out in your favour cause you are following what you are SUPPOSED TO DO, the Divine Life Plan laid out in our Divine Life Contracts which is what we agreed to before coming here. That said, WHEN WE ARE NOT IN TUNE WITH IT, THAT IS HOW WE BECOME LOST!

There is a chakra I sense here will help (it’s on the side of the head but upwards as shown on the pic):

That said, when you are in tune with it, you are content. Nothing can stop you. When you aren’t, your intuition is lost hence why spells won’t work.

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Why Spiritual People Have No Tribe

People like myself with the spiritual gifts I have – I have no tribe: No “black, white…” NONE OF THAT SHIT! EVERYBODY hates people like me because of the special, outta this world spiritual gifts we have. They note on some level that I may look the same but on some level know that I am “different” and that is because I am ABOVE THEM in the spiritual world!

– To add, I find the most WOKE people are the “reprobates” of (sick) society: people I met in jail, homeless folks – amongst them (cause it’s not ALL PEOPLE) I found are the most woke people. The outsiders – that’s my tribe.

That’s why I don’t like talking to most people cause my vibratory level gets INSTANTLY LOWERED just from talking to them.

– Those are my thoughts for the day…

Watch my livestream:

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Karma Does NOT EXIST And The Christopher Case Story PROVES IT

Don’t EVER be afraid of putting something evil on someone who has done you wrong! It is the nature of our universe to embrace duality: good and “bad”, light and dark (there was a time that dark was SOLELY categorized as “evil” in an attempt to sully the rep of a People of a certain skin color), black and white. That said, IT RESTORES BALANCE WHEN YOU DO WRONG TO THOSE WHO HAVE WRONGED YOU AS THE UNIVERSE RECOGNIZES ENERGY, NOT KARMA (the Christopher Case story shows this). You can watch it here:

I offer that service here:

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Livestream Event on “Cursed Objects and Cleansings”

THIS PAINTING is owned by a Rothschild, showing you the BEAST they sacrifice people to and the torment the babies, folks they sacrifice continue to endure well into the afterlife…

This weekend at 3pm PST I will be talking about “cursed objects and cleansings” here at this livestream channel:

I will post the link to the livestream itself once my request to livestream goes through. That said, join me there, we can talk LIVE – I can do readings LIVE, reading requests (but you have to pay via paypal first which you can access by going here: !)!

See you there!

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Be Careful Who You Accept Items From On A Spiritual Level

That’s why in Italy and in many Afrikan nations people are very wary who they accept food, items from…


That said, the other day, I accepted some weed from this dude right here (All my spiritual people can probably see what I’m talking about):

He runs what is called “The Pirate Truck”:

– I remember when I first saw this mofo, him and his sons (drug dealers, rent bois – I don’t know what’s going on with that) was saying all sorts of “niggers” etc. like I can’t hear!

Here his truck (so you know not to touch THAT shit!):

– One of his sons, a dirty unkempt blonde haired boi or man, had dark circles under his eyes which I was told is a sign of heroin use!


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