Why Weed Is Spiritually Bad For You

I won’t go into too much detail but you can read the other aspects that led to my doing weed, here:


But you can see here, RIGHT after having done weed, here is the end result:

I got a black aura. If it wasn’t for my protectors who are manifested in white – I would be fucked! Here they are as represented by the WHITE AURA FIGHTING FOR ME:

Now here my aura is returning to a normal colour, which is indigo:

I recall a while back a man saying that bad spirits will use addictions which basically means OBSESSIONS FOR BAD THINGS to make you weak so they can latch on to you which in his case was weed!

Though it may not be meth and heroin, weed does make you lethargic, slow in motor skills, UNUSUAY HUNGRY and adverse effects that a...

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You Can UNCONSCIOUSLY Astral Project

I was thinking about this the other night after having what I thought – and now realize are not – LUCID DREAMS! That said, in what I realize was now a LEGIT ASTRAL EXPERIENCE, I had sex with an entity that looked like a human but with super sleek, smooth skin, bald, looks like a 3D cartoon character, no pores, who wanted to have sex with me – nontheless – while I was on my period (there is a LOT of occult magic in that). I have seen him before in inadvertent astral travels, having sex with me!

That said, by serendipity a site revealed that the being I saw was typical of how entities in the astral look, down to describing how vividly surreal to the point of being “realer” than real the whole setting. This brings me to my point. Though I was not conscious – I was in the astral!

That said, ma...

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Being Real With Yourself And NOT Positivity and Light Should Be Your Goal

You want inner peace? Find Yourself!

I hear these fake new (C)age Philosophers all the time say, “You wanna be happh and be on the range of love and light” bs! That’s some bull! You should never make “happyness” – deliberate misspelling – your goal unless you want to end up PERMANENTLY in a mental health ward cause – after all, being in a constant state of happiness = mania as in MANIAC, the other side of depressive as in MANIC DEPRESSION! That said, YOU MUST NEVER SEARCH FOR CONSTANT “POSITIVITY” AS WELL! To be in a constant state of “positivity” REQUIRES PUTTING YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND – as lecturer Mark Passio once said, DENYING REALITY and thus not addressing injustices – or even deep seated issues going on IN YOU by living in a constant state of denial aka non reality! REALITY is compos...

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Tourmaline ATTRACTS Bad Entities

Having that shit is like putting a curse on yourself!

I’ve had tourmaline for a while. I noticed when I put it away and merely had MY OTHER crystals, rocks out, I noticed I felt more stability and calmness in my emotions, significantly LESS negativity, less negative thoughts and even less attraction of negative spirits.

So I went to buy a new one cause at some point I even thought the old one may not be real (believing the bull others said) and here’s the new one…


– I also just heard another negative female “spirit’s” voice again or it could be a spirit mimic (Imma have to meditate to find out what it is).

However, after pulling it out and sleeping with it MERELY OUT, I FELT as if it attracted NEGATIVE SPIRITS as I hea...

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Watching A Human Sacrifice Event Play Out In The Astral

That exist sign I posted is even foreboding…

I wanna mention, too, early this morning I saw a fleeting image of a GHOST outside my window

I turned my head for a brief second to look after thinking someone was there – then – no one was there!

Anyways, let me tell you all the time I witnessed what I sense was a human sacrifice taking place in the astral…

This vision which I had occurred at ny opd apartment. Now, human, spiritual sacrifices are REAL. YOU NEED ONLY TO LOOK TO THE CASE OF CHRISTOPHER CASE TO SEE THAT:

Here is the article that was done on it so as to add credbility so you won’t think it’s an “old wives tales.”


Anyways, the shit is real! And I feel I had thd displeasure of witnessing one...

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I Just Astral Projected Last Night

It’s been awhile and I was hoping to have that experience again. Here it is:


WHOA – it was vivid and I think I’ll get better at navigating – I hope!

That said, I went back to sleep after waking up early this morning. I WILL TELL YOU: THERE IS A SCIENCE TO IT but I am just in the beginning stages of mastery it.

Make a long story short – I worked with the energy of my body so I could PUSH my ass out! I left through the side of my body. I dunno why – maybe it is due to my recent thoughts on this past life here still rumminating in my mind: http://theblackmagicshop.com/2018/02/22/a-poor-black-womans-past-life-as-a-rich-white-girl/
but I felt like a young, mid 20s white girl but with brunnette hair, thin, late 90s...

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A Poor Black Woman’s Past Life As A Rich White Girl

This was a very interesting vision to say the least…

THIS HAD TO HAVE BEEN a past life… no other way around it…

Basically, in a past life from what I saw, I was (note I got the phrase “I saw” followed by “I was” which is “I saw” in reverse, lol) evidently I was a little rich blonde white girl who lived HIGH atop a mountain with two doting, MEGA WEALTHY parents who were very nice people but wielded ALOT of power. It seemed like it might have been during colonial times or the 50s even though I saw she got alot of modern presents (I saw telephone which was a big deal if you grew up in the 1900s). I don’t know why – maybe because in that past life I looked like Elizabeth Smart (when REAL YOUNG) – I got the feeling I was a mormon or maybr just lived in mormon territory or lived out West...

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How To Deal With Energy Vampires

Okay, for some strange reason – well, I know why – I attract them. My energy is strong, very VERY powerful and there are plenty of those WHO LACK IT – ESP. THOSE WHO LACK LIGHT – who wish to DEVOUR some…

Here’s what I mean: in a straight through and through example of an energy vampire via reptilian possession, there was a dude who tried to IN THE MOST OBVIOUS OF WAYS (While being influenced by said reptilian as I don’t think this was of his own becoming in a way except the fact he DELIBERATELY took the drugs which allowed it which I warned him on) to get close to me to steal my energy: he, I felt, feigned interest in spiritual topics (how he knew about that is beyond me), BUT EVERYTIME I WOULD TALK TO THIS PERSON – AFTER 1 SECOND – I FELT DRAINED! He even tried to project and say that I w...

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Great New Crystal Shop FOUND On Vermont and Wilshire

For a loong time I had been looking for citrine (WHICH CAN REALLY HELP if you are looking for spiritually induced urges or addictions such as alcoholism) and I HAPPENED TO HAVE FOUND THIS:

– So many fakes are sold online…

Here a screenshot since I move the camera too fast…

This place a blessing and I encourage everyone interested in this to go to him if you in that area. It’s not by coincidence that I ran into him while searching for that stone and lo and behold, he got the stone I was looking for…

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How To Deal With Spiritually Induced Alcoholism

They don’t call it gin (similar to the arabic word for a type of entity – a djinn) or wine and SPIRITS for nothing…

Take it from me, alcohol abuse is a form of a SPIRITUAL ATTACK!

Let me tell you why…?

See, people drink for various reasons: we drink to relax, unwind, chill from a hard day at work. Some, well, MOST… to escape. However, when HAVING to drink because of an OVERWHELMING URGE results in migraine headaches where you can’t think, as if “something” is STARVING IF YOU DON’T DRINK – then it’s a spiritual problem!

Let me tell you my story…

For the longest period of time – stemming back from my stint of having lived in my original apartment – the more spiritual, psychic I evolved (I also stayed exposing reptilians on youtube in which they would come for my behind with a fine tooth comb...

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