You Can UNCONSCIOUSLY Astral Project

I was thinking about this the other night after having what I thought – and now realize are not – LUCID DREAMS! That said, in what I realize was now a LEGIT ASTRAL EXPERIENCE, I had sex with an entity that looked like a human but with super sleek, smooth skin, bald, looks like a 3D cartoon character, no pores, who wanted to have sex with me – nontheless – while I was on my period (there is a LOT of occult magic in that). I have seen him before in inadvertent astral travels, having sex with me!

That said, by serendipity a site revealed that the being I saw was typical of how entities in the astral look, down to describing how vividly surreal to the point of being “realer” than real the whole setting. This brings me to my point. Though I was not conscious – I was in the astral!

That said, many new (C)agers have a tendency to think that you must be cognizant of this reality to astral project. We astral project every night or, more accurately, have out of body experiences since we go into the dreamplane which is – and this can be up for debate – a different “plane” than the astral. That said, the way you know you are in the astral is not whether you are “conscious” but the look and feel. What I just described up above is a 4D entity. There have been times where I “woke” while in a dream and started asking dream characters what is the time, date and location of places (through these experiences I would find the “dream manipulators” who are reptilians). I don’t think that was the was the astral due to lack of vividness but it may be an aspect – could be extensions of my own world combined with other things! It could be the higher realms like the 5D, 6D where thoughts – and NOT physical, denser things – manifest. So suffice it to say, given how VIVID my “visions” were, I know realize I was UNCONSCIOUSLY in the astral! Let’s break dowm unconscious and conscious. “Unconscious” happens when we “break” our consciousness from this dimension and transfer it into the other one on the higher levels. It’s said that via the reincarnation matrix trap, our memories are mostly “refreshed” and we forget EVERYTHING that happened here! I believe this happens in UNconscious astral projection: just like people who’ve stated that whenn they “dream” they live alternate lives where they intimiately rem. everybody’s faces, names, etc. and then when they come back to this reality they forget – same with UNconscious astral projection. You are forgetting EVERYTHING HERE and just moving your consciousness strictly to another realm. With conscious astral projection – it’s like with schizophrenia where your consciousness is in two different realms – the 3rd dimension and whatever higher dimension you are PHYSICALLY, well, more attuned to at the time, hence the term “schizoid”. It’s like the man from the old Mel Brooks (lol) movie, “Life Stanks” where HE SWORE UP AND DOWN he was a wealthy business owner yet in our physical reality – he’s houseless and barely HAS ANY FIAT MONEY!

…That’s cause his consciousness is in TWO DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS!

Now, as for lucid dreaming, I feel those have to do with more INTERNAL states of consciousness, thoughtforms, projections of our thoughts and possibly even people astral projecting (I’ve heard quite a few chatter). IT IS A REALITY thought a more “inner” one. You can tell the difference based on the vividness AND how often you return to a place in your dream (YOU WILL KNOW you are in the astral when you keep revisiting a place cause it is ACTUALLY THERE!).


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