The Christopher Case Death Curse Special

If you don’t know the story of Christopher Case, let me explain it to you…

Better yet, watch the video first…

Christopher Case was a young man at the time who worked at Muzak’s headquarters – the company which at the time was responsible for playing the elevator music you heard at department stores like Macy’s back in the 80s and 90s – who was a former radio disc jockey (I did that for a bit – ironically at a Christian radio station) who went to meet up with an older woman at a business meeting dinner late one evening.

That said, I sense she was sent to take this man as a sacrifice which you will hear later on – she asked the guy out. He said “No”. She put a death curse on him, sacrificed him to a Sumerian God!

She effectively fucked up his life (and afterlife). That said, after a week went by – he didn’t see shit. A week passes – he starts seeing shit: shadow people, awful entities – shit I’ve seen before in bad spiritual areas (fuck, worse than that) – keeping him awake, causing him NOT TO BE ABLE TO SLEEP (usually the sign of a witch’s curse). After all was said and done, he had a heart attack – another sign of a witch’s curse – and died, ending up in an afterlife – I saw it – in which he is in a tattered white shirt and blue pants – LITERALLY CHAINED inside a temple like place with huge underground stone columns in the astral (I sense it is under an astral version of a French museum).

The mystery is – the man didn’t smoke nor drink. He was a health food nut so there was no “logical” Earthly reason for him to have believed in a curse (which he dismissed for a week until it started to affect him) and died of it.

He was sacrificed to an ancient Sumerian demon aka God which I saw. A scary mofo and gave the man a heart attack – killed him on the spot!

Here is PROOF THIS WAS REAL – straight from the Seattle Times newspaper from an article done on his death at that time:


– That’s how I drag mofos!

Why am I offering this curse:

If someone did some horrible shit like rape, killed your loved one – you deserve revenge and they deserve to have their entire afterlife fucked up! That said, some of my protection – Enlil, an ancient Sumerian alien reptilian God – are the ones you SACRIFICE PEOPLE TO! I didn’t have to do that to get him around me. Look at my eyes:

And you can see alien – reptilian is in my heritage. I AM part of a certain bloodline.

That said, if people have done horrible things to you – they deserve not to be at peace in the afterlife!

This curse is $200 (but I am offering a special of $100) and will come with a reading to check and see if said individual (or groups) have protection and how effective will that protection be (if they do have it) in countering the spell!

That said, I will make sure this isn’t done to an innocent person. That’s why I am doing the card readings BEFORE proceeding with it. That said…

Christopher Case IS an innocent person who is suffering for no reason other then being the unfortunate object for someone’s sacrifice (that spirit took that lady over and led her to him). He didn’t deserve that! He is proof of what I said here:

The universe does not recognize karma, it recognizes energy!